What is di{pik}app?

Dipikapp is a social logbook for diabetics, doctors, close people and others to help diabetics and their doctors to follow-up their diabetes.


  • Storing the glucose and HBA1C results
  • Communicate with the doctor
  • Communicate with close people
  • Allow your doctor or close people to see and comment your results
  • See your results history and the evolution

For who ?

  • Diabetics : Type 1 and Type 2
  • Diabetics who wants to balance their diabetes
  • Diabetics who wants more support
  • Parents who wants to monitor their child's diabetes
  • Doctors who wants to get more involved with their patients
  • Doctors and diabetics who wants to keep the historic results to see the evolution
  • Diabetics who wants to prevent from future complications

How does di{pik}app work?

  • Enter all your records through the web app
  • Let your doctor see and comment your records
  • You can also share your results with other people close to you (family for example)
  • Make a personal records to add details about you: weight, height, previous HbA1c, current job, physical activities…
  • Comment your results to explain why you get this blood sugar level to help your doctor to figure out.


Why focusing on communication?

We truly believe that for the patient, communicating more on diabetes with close people, doctor or other people can help him to feel better and less alone.
Sometimes, get a bad blood sugar level can be frustrating for the patient especially if he doesn't understand why.
For doctors, check their patients 4 or 5 times per year may be insufficient, it's the reason why di{pik}app can help them to: improving the follow-up of their patients, advise them, and prevent more efficiently long term complications and hospitalizations.

Search users

You can search for users that you want to give access to your data or you can send a request to a person to get access to his data. By this way you can manage who can and who can't access to your profile and will be allowed to comment your results.


Everybody can sign up to di{pik}app, simply by clicking on the 'Sign up' button.
It's free and you can store unlimited records (glucose, HBA1C).

About the diabetes

There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Sometimes, the diabetes develops during pregnancy (Gestational diabetes).

Type 1

The Type 1 diabetes is a kind of diabetes that appear generally when the person is young: from childhood to adulthood. This type of diabetes need a treatment such as insulin injection or insulin pump. When the pancreas stops producing insulin, the person become insulin-dependent.
Type 1 diabetes is a serious health issue that needs daily treatment.

Type 2

The Type 2 diabetes affect more people who are in overweighting, in lack of physical activity, and older (generally after 40 years old). The majority of people living with diabetes are with the type 2 (90%). Diet and physical activity can help a lot to balance the diabetes, because the patient is not always insulin-dependent, but needs to be controlled as much as the Type 1 diabetes.
Just like the Type 1, Type 2 diabetes is a serious health issue that needs to be treated, followed, controlled and if it's possible, changing diet and life-style to prevent or delay the disease.