03-12-2014 Jeremy Dahan blog home

Dipikapp's update

Deleting all blood sugar results and use a nickname.

Since we added the functionality to import data from a CSV file (generated by the meter for example), we decided to add the possibility to delete all your blood sugar results at once, in the case where there will a problem with the import, the results or by choice.

Dipikapp is able to recognize the blood sugar results in order to not have duplicates.

We also thought to people who cares about their anonymous and we added the possibility to use a real identity or a nickname. The choice is made at the registration, but, it’s possible to modify after, in your account settings: Moving from use a nickname to a real identity and vice versa.

About the design of dipikapp, we made some changes to make the application even easier to use, more intuitive and more ergonomic.

We corrected and improved a lot a things about the responsive design for mobile devices (smartphone and tablet).

We’re still working hard to add new improvement to dipikapp and we hope you will enjoy it!

See you soon.