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Dipikapp's update


New update on dipikapp!

To improve and make the communication easier around the diabetes, you can now find a personal news feed on your profile page, and a news feed which groups all the posts from your contacts on a dedicated page.

On your news feed,you can leave posts and allow your contact to comment them to encourage the exchange of advices and opinions for ...

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Dipikapp's update

Deleting all blood sugar results and use a nickname.

Since we added the functionality to import data from a CSV file (generated by the meter for example), we decided to add the possibility to delete all your blood sugar results at once, in the case where there will a problem with the import, the results or by choice.

Dipikapp is able to recognize the blood sugar res...

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Import my data

For this test, we will use the Accu-Chek Mobile and a Windows 7 PC.
First, plug in your device to your computer, and access to it:

For me, it’s under G: drive.
In the G: drive, you will find a “Start.html” file, which you need to launch.
(I don’t know why, but I have to launch it w...
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